Vacationing While Fluffy (Fat, Chunky, Overweigt, etc.) – 304

I had one of the most enjoyable vacations (with my children) that I've ever had. I'd like to give some love to everyone in New England, you all are some truly awesome people and your towns, countryside and cities are beautiful. We got back home to Pasadena and literally within a day everyone, kids included, … Continue reading Vacationing While Fluffy (Fat, Chunky, Overweigt, etc.) – 304


Drive-Bys and ADD – 303

My Battle with Boredom and Snacking I'm a cereal murderer, ain't nobody box me in I'd drop 100 Grand, gluttony is my favorite sin Ladies call me Mr. Goodbar, King-sized to share I'm dropping mad barz, making chedda and I don't care If I see you rollin' up, I'm finna to take my shot Of … Continue reading Drive-Bys and ADD – 303

It’s Time for The Purge – 306

I've struggled with what this blog is supposed to be. It's been too serious, dealing with problems our country and humanity faces, the fate of education, and occasionally my colon. At other times it's been uplifting and light-hearted, dealing with my family, teaching and somehow, also my colon. Throughout it all, it's been a catharsis … Continue reading It’s Time for The Purge – 306

My “Bravest” Medical Procedure.

As I sit here, sipping my cup of chicken broth, about to undergo yet another cleanse for yet another colonoscopy, I realize how blas√© I've become about the whole ordeal. Don't get me wrong, it's not fun. I don't enjoy a whole day of only consuming a clear liquid diet, followed by hours in the … Continue reading My “Bravest” Medical Procedure.

My Spirit Animal Called Me A Fatass.

New Year's Resolutions are painful lost causes whose place in history belong next to the dodo bird, Laser Discs, and Donald Trump. I hate resolutions¬†with a passion and I will joyfully troll my friends who claim they want to try to turn their lives around on January first. We all know that most resolutions die … Continue reading My Spirit Animal Called Me A Fatass.