Parenting Lessons from Skipping Rocks

"Now hold it just like this, like a frisbee, but smaller." His large, dark, rough hands would move my chubby little fingers on the oblate river rock. "It's all in the snap. In the wrist. You have to get low and snap your hand forward, but hook the rock with your finger so it spins. … Continue reading Parenting Lessons from Skipping Rocks


The Dwindling Mythos of the Father-figure.

I wonder if things would have turned out differently for the Olympians if Zeus would have ever climbed down from Mt. Olympus and just played catch with Ares. Or Hephaestus. Or any of his dozens of children for that matter.  I wonder that if he took a more modern role in raising his children, there … Continue reading The Dwindling Mythos of the Father-figure.