Parenting Lessons from Skipping Rocks

"Now hold it just like this, like a frisbee, but smaller." His large, dark, rough hands would move my chubby little fingers on the oblate river rock. "It's all in the snap. In the wrist. You have to get low and snap your hand forward, but hook the rock with your finger so it spins. … Continue reading Parenting Lessons from Skipping Rocks


Discovering I Teach a “Racist”

Yesterday, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination we received the news that a student at my high school drove his truck to the school flying the Confederate flag. The flag was nothing new, a common occurrence around here. The noose in the bed of his truck was not. Today, I learned … Continue reading Discovering I Teach a “Racist”

Life Changing Moments are Overrated Anyway

We all have those times in our lives where there is a definitive moment, a life changing realization, where things will never be the same. For many of us, it involves something amazing. Perhaps you found God or religion in the unlikeliest of places. My pet sitter found Buddhism in my bathroom once when I … Continue reading Life Changing Moments are Overrated Anyway