Welcome, all. A quick word about myself and this blog…

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this blog.  I decided to start this enterprise nearly a year ago when my wife and I discovered we were expecting our third child.  What made it especially moving was that we made this discovery about two weeks after I had a vasectomy.  Go ahead, I’ll wait until you’re done laughing, I’m used to it. You see, I’ve discovered that Murphy has a special place in his heart for me.  Just when I think he’s done with me, right when I think the other boot has already been deposited squarely on my posterior, I find he asks his friend, Karma, to borrow his foot and together they try to find my kidneys.

But in this instance, it wasn’t as bad as I feared.  In fact, there have been few times in my life when I have been more sure of a thing.  Sure, I had doubts. I doubted if we can afford to have three kids. I’m a teacher, and despite people’s assumptions of my fat cat lifestyle, my used Honda Odyssey we had to buy to carry our brood around says otherwise.  I doubted if our other children would receive enough attention, that I could provide a stable enough environment for them.  I doubted my own ability as a parent to deal with three kids. But for every doubt I had, I also knew I could deal with it and I could do it well.

What cemented my certainty was a conversation I had with my oldest child. She was bemoaning her participation in soccer, a sport she has a real love/hate relationship.  It’s mostly hate, because she hates running, and from we learned, there’s a lot of running in soccer.  After a particularly woeful practice, my daughter and I had a conversation.  I told her she had to go into something like this with just some stupid optimism.  She looked perplexed, but interested and said, “What’s that?”   I explained it’s a certain disregard for her preconceptions and her doubts and even her experience. That she needed to just go out there and have fun, even if it’s something she may not want to do, even if it was hard before, that to be optimistic about it seems dumb, but to do it anyway.  Stupid Optimism.  She thought about it for a moment and said, “I can see that.  That’s a good motto, Dad.”  I said thanks and that perhaps we should have shirts made with it on it. Without missing a beat, she smiled at me and said, “Yeah! I’ll have the shirt that says Optimism!” and ran off laughing.

Stupid Optimism.  It’s been a guiding force in my life and now it’s got a motto.  I have three beautiful kids, a wife I love and respect more every day, and we’ve made a good life for ourselves.  And now, I have an outlet for my observations about this crazy life I’ve found myself in.  You will see me post about my kids, both my biological ones and the ones I teach, I’ll post about the random malarkey I see in the world around us, and I’ll post about my interests, mainly technology, movies, writing, and the outdoors.  I promise you entertainment, insights, and excellent writing (just not all at the same time).  And if I offend, piss off.


Thanks all, and let the adventure begin.

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